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We Will Prepare for an Emergency

Hurricane Katrina.  Earthquakes in Haiti, Japan, and Chile.  Fires in the American Southwest.  Floods in the American Midwest.  Tornados and arctic, and snowy conditions in the American South.  Freezing temperatures in sunny Florida, USA.  Salmonella and E. coli outbreaks. 

These are just a few examples of the natural disasters we must be prepared for.

With charitable vertical farms in every community, disasters can come and go without interfering with the local food supply. Major food corporations have monopolized the food industry, forcing the global food supply to become increasingly centralized.

Emergency circumstances come at a moment’s notice. We should all be prepared to communicate and provide fresh food and water for our families’ and neighbors. Globally, even in the most desolate African desert or arctic region, the most impoverished populations can benefit from the means to which they can feed and care for their families’ without over-burdening government coffers.

We Will Create Jobs
An average of 10% of Americans are unemployed.  More than half of the global working population hold insecure jobs.  There is a common plea, for governments around the world to encourage the alternative energy industry to flourish and in-turn create jobs. 

Jobs do not create themselves; it is up to ordinary citizens to find ways to protect and secure our children's future.

While jobs and financial stability continue to create global problems, people must be able to feed their families with dignity without spending tax revenue.  For every farm we build, we will create a number of jobs both indirectly and directly.  The Gijoyad Group will employ people from all walks of life to create and maintain each farm.  There will also be a massive need for self-sustained water recycling and renewable energy systems. 

Nothing surpasses the quality of American craftsmanship, and we will do everything in our power to breathe life into the American manufacturing industry by demanding American goods and services.  Everyone, everywhere should be redefining their personal definition of "success," by living modestly and investing in the local economy.

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