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Local green products company featured in sustainability film
Green Planet Productions’ new documentary will include interviews with EnviroIngenuity


Laguna Beach-based EnviroIngenuity, a green products and consulting services firm, has announced its involvement with a documentary that focuses on sustainability features Envirolngenuity’s Hyroponic Vertical Farming Division.

Santa Monica-based Green Planet Productions is heading the film and visited the hydroponic farms July 3. EnviroIngenuity Managing Director Erik Cutter, who is leading a team of urban farmers to develop sustainable and efficient hydroponic vertical farming processes in the state, was interviewed during filming.

“Green Planet Productions has always produced influential environmental films and its productions have inspired many people to invest in new energy efficient technologies and reduce wasteful habits,” said Cutter. “Their production team was top-notch and we enjoyed showing them how we are making a difference.”

Currently, EnviroIngenuity is working on the development of a new commercial demonstration center in Laguna Canyon, which is scheduled for completion this summer. Additionally, the company recently completed two 22-tower hydroponic system in Laguna Beach that feature about 1,000 plants. Both projects use Verti-Gro, a sustainable system that uses no soil, 70 percent less land, 50 percent less fertilizer and 90 percent less water than traditional organic farming, Cutter said.

“Verti-Gro hydroponic commercial and home garden systems produce clean, natural food much faster than traditional farming and allow plants to grow bigger and stronger,” he said. “These systems are especially effective in small urban spaces and can be set up to re-circulate and automatically water the plants for even greater resource efficiency.”

Although no release date has been set for the Green Planet documentary, Cutter said the film would assist in teaching young people where their food comes from, and learn more about the Verti-Gro system.

“Three years of research and testing of hydroponic vertical farming systems led me to the conclusion that Verti-Gro offers the most easy-to-use food growing process with the best yield and most efficient use of resources and space,” said Cutter. “I am happy to see that Green Planet Productions felt our work in this area was important enough to capture on film.”

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