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Alegría Fresh hosting Healing Food Classes

Stu News Laguna

Alegría Fresh is hosting Healing Food Classes on Sunday Feb 24 and March 10. The focus of the class will teach participants will the secrets to selecting nutrition-rich food and preparing it in unique and sumptuous ways without inflammatory ingredients such as dairy, oils, salt, sugar, grain and animal protein. The purpose is to help participants eliminate chronic disease,  feel better and have more energy.

Class menus will use locally grown, plant-based healing foods, including same-day harvested produce from Alegría Farm, Laguna Beach’s only hydroponic vertical farm growing leafy greens and medicinal herbs. Workshops will be limited to eight per session. Each workshop
will feature smoothies, appetizers, main dishes and decadent healthy desserts,
fully demonstrated so that participants are able to reproduce the results at home. Yolande Smith and Jessica McLeish, local raw food chefs and nutrition experts, will facilitate each workshop. Each workshop will run from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. The workshops will be held at 1575 Bluebird Canyon Drive in Laguna Beach.

The cost for each class is $50 per person. This cost includes food and drinks. RSVP by emailing jessica@jmcleishpr.com or calling 949-294-3554.

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