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For 23 years, the happiness and quality of my life was adversely effected as I struggled for relief from diabetes. Desperately searching for a solution, I didn't realize eating a fresh variety of vegetables and greens may be my answer to normalizing my blood sugar without the need for lots of insulin.

Thanks to Alegria Fresh, I don't have to search for my solution anymore! Since being introduced to locally-grown hydroponic vegetables and greens, I have found a new source of powerful great tasting food my body has always needed. My recovery is now in progress and my energy packed raw diet has stabilized my blood sugar in just 10 days! I have discovered a new lease on life and a renewed desire to share my experience with anyone who will listen!

~ Robin Roberts

“Tracy and I wanted to let you know we are grateful for you introducing us to Hydroponic Gardening!

I’ll share a few quick things you may enjoy hearing. For many years we have eaten organic salads as a regular staple of our diet. We used to go to Whole Foods Salad Bars on weekends to take a break from fixing our own. Then, almost immediately after eating from our Hydroponic Garden my wife and I both realized that our Hydroponic Salads are so incredibly superior tasting that we don’t even want to eat at Whole Foods any more! Funny thing, I never liked Arugula lettuce and yet now the Hydroponic Arugula is easily my favorite! I liken all this to my first trip to Hawaii eating local pineapple grown in the rich Maui soil. Even though I loved pineapple previous to vacationing in Maui, eating the pineapple in Maui was like I had never tasted real pineapple, but rather some kind of imitation!”

~ We are quite grateful! Scott & Tracy


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