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The AgroPOD utilizes enclosed environment vertical farming technologies synergistically combined to fundamentally alter and improve the way food is produced and distributed.

Our mission is threefold:

  1. Develop an ultra resource efficient indoor vertical farming process that is mobile, scalable and can be deployed globally.

  2. Provide youth an opportunity to learn innovative hi-performance urban vertical farming processes through vocational training programs and workforce partnerships.

  3. Provide entrepreneurial training to youth so that they may start and own their own “for profit” business.

Empowered by:

  • Developing greater food security and energy independence;
  • Inspiring youth to become high-performance urban ag entrepreneurs;
  • Producing superior locally grown organic fruits, greens and vegetables without pesticides;
  • Recycling commercial containers into hi-performance urban food production modules;
  • Reducing waste and lowering the carbon footprint;
  • Leveraging existing local manufacturing capabilities and capacity to construct growth modules and stimulate job production;
  • Educating youth about the health benefits of consuming fresh, locally grown produce;
  • Teaching youth about designing and engineering new energy efficient processes that further indoor vertical food production. Includes education in designing water/nutrient delivery and reuse, employing alternative energy systems using high efficiency horticultural LED lighting and solar, product manufacturing, computerized climate controls and mobile aps;
  • Increasing consciousness by influencing youth to embrace Earth-kind processes in their daily lives and becoming involved in a high-yield alternative local food growing process that does not use soil, minimizes space and fertilizer use, reduces waste and prevents disease.

Program Goals:

  • First graduating class to become youth consultants to cities throughout California, educating and inspiring communities to get involved in urban vertical growing systems and promote entrepreneurship;
  • Employ military veterans to mentor a youth-driven consulting team that shares and publicizes success stories with legislators and other student peers;
  • Develop partnerships with youth entrepreneurship organizations;
  • Develop training programs supported through federal workforce funding;
  • Leverage positive PR to be gained from youth/veteran success stories;
  • Develop thriving manufacturing business to sell and distribute food production modules and provide training and technical expertise;
  • Position California as a leader in urban vertical farming



The AgroPOD moves closer to solving one of humanity’s greatest challenges by increasing access to superior locally-grown food using sustainable processes. Our urban vertical food production and delivery techniques are efficient, scalable and consume less energy. Our business model demonstrates low operating costs, creates local jobs and provides alternative uses for shipping containers, unused spaces and empty or under-utilized commercial buildings by making them revenue producers. The AgroPOD increases overall yields of nutrient-rich greens, fruits and vegetables by a factor of 10x, while dramatically reducing the amount of water, fertilizer, energy, transportation, packaging and land that a traditional farm requires, thereby creating a unique global business opportunity.

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Download PDF Here.